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Yoga Classes – Earth Room Collective

Earth Room Collective is a Co-Op space with the intention to host local yoga, events, workshops to encourage health and wellness, educate, inspire and share in community. A space for us to “breathe collectively.”

Bouldering is a sport where one’s attention is heightened to solve problems or a route using balance, technique, sequence, strength and your brain.

Yoga is the practice of body awareness through breath, connecting both mental and physical.

Integrating yoga into your climbing can help enhance your overall conditioning in your climbs.

Yoga and Climbing Benefits:

  • Focus
  • Body & Breath Awareness
  • Agility & Balance
  • Flexibility
  • Core Strength
  • Joint stability

Yoga Sessions

Drop in sessions and packages are available. Any private, corporate team building or collaborations please send email to Yanai at

Rock climbing members receive 20% off any drop in class (except Saturday)

  • Code “EARTH” (drop in)

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About Yanai

Yanai is a registered nurse with 10 years ER experience, 200hr yoga teacher with7+ years of self- practice, an active member of the Crossfit community since 2012 and avid outdoor explorer and traveler. She has climbed the Grand Tetons and Mt. Whitney both above 14,000ft and traveled through southeast Asia, Australia, Bali, Hawaii and Patagonia. Miles on miles of road trips and camping throughout California and the US. She is passionate about the intricacy, yet amazing masterpiece of the human body and its capacities, both mental and physical. As well as the healing powers of nature while pushing beyond your own limits. Her core value is becoming the best version you can be, highly influenced by going beyond your comfort zone.  Her positivity on living life to the fullest and encouragement for personal growth is contagious.

Her yoga classes are wildly inspired by nature, merging breath to movement to create space and stillness, focused on proper alignment, and centering oneself to the present moment.

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Safety note and general information:

Beginners welcome to yoga classes unless otherwise stated advanced. Everyone is encouraged to practice for modifications will be offered during classes. Any previous or current injuries should be informed to teacher prior to class. Waiver form is available each time a client signs up to a class. Personal mats are encouraged but we do offer a few in class to borrow. Wear something comfortable that allows range of motion while shoes and socks encouraged to be removed prior to class. A reusable water bottle is suggested to have during class.

Ready for an Adventure like no other?