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Crazy Climb – Brevard’s Most Kid-Friendly Climbing Gym (And it’s a blast for adults too!)

In this unique climbing arena, visitors can experience a new range of interactive climbing walls such as a giant bean stalk, the skyscraper walk, and the speed climbing walls. Climb numerous different wacky-themed walls, and have a one of a kind adventure! Equipped with 30 auto belays, no roped climbing experience is necessary.

Starting on the hour, climbers will first go through a brief safety orientation before entering the climbing arena for approx. 60 minutes of climb time. These sessions are limited to 30 climbers per session- that way everyone gets quality time on the walls!

Keep in mind that climbers must arrive on time so that they can go through orientation prior to climbing. Staff are always nearby to offer assistance. Children wishing to climb must be at least 3 years old and weigh at least 25lbs. Adults climbers are also welcome to join in. The auto belays can hold up to 300lbs.

Crazy Climb is included in our Adventure Zone sessions along with our Ninja Warrior Course!

Ready for an Adventure like no other?

Crazy Climb Safety Notes

  • All equipment required to take part in a Crazy Climb session is provided by Adventure HQ.  No personal climbing equipment is permitted.
  • Participants must be 3 years old and weigh more than 25 lbs to climb. Participants 13 and under must be accompanied by a legal adult.
  • Auto belays (the devices which secure and lower climbers to the ground) have a weight range of 22-330lbs.
  • All Visitors must complete a Liability Waiver before being allowed into the climbing area.
  • Any Minor under the age of 18 must have a Waiver completed by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Appropriate footwear (athletic sneakers) must be worn. Flip flops, Crocs or bare feet are not permitted.
  • Appropriate athletic clothing is strongly advised. No rings, necklaces, or other entanglement hazards should be worn.
Ready for an Adventure like no other?