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Regroup, Refuel, Relax at Base Camp Café

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Adventure HQ provides limitless fun, but a hungry stomach might slow you down. The Base Camp Café has fuel for even the pickiest of eaters. From salads to pizzas, your taste buds and your stomach will thank you for the delicious food.

While you’re visiting the Café, you’ll also find delicious fruit smoothies that can be enhanced with a scoop of protein powder to feed your muscles after a great climb. Those of you who may want to indulge can even order an ice cold beer to celebrate!

Not climbing? Take a seat and enjoy the action from our Chill Out Lounge. Base Camp Café is the perfect place for you and your friends to gather together, share stories and laughs of the day, and plan your next adventure. Whether you’re gearing up or slowing down, Base Camp Café is where you can share what makes you happy and have a great meal while you’re at it! 

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