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Adventure HQ Reviews

Amazing fun! My sister had a blast, she can't wait to go back! The staff are so nice and helpful! The front desk girl was so sweet to my shy sister and Josh helped her so much and even went above and beyond to get her comfortable when she was so shy to climb high up. In the end she was climbing all the way up and jumping down like Spider-Man!

-Amy Maria Cintron

I'm so excited Florida has another climbing gym to add to its roster, and an excellent one! Check in was a breeze and the staff is all super friendly and helpful to newcomers and new climbers alike. The facility is spacious and clean, and the front windows overlook the beautiful Indian River.
The problem setting is top notch! You'll find a wide variety of styles and difficulties that are approachable for new climbers and challenging to experienced climbers.

-Ryan Huff

I am pleased to say our experience at Adventure HQ exceeded our expectations! We did not know what to expect. We were looking for something to do while on vacation at Cocoa Beach and we have never done anything like rock climbing or the Ninja obstacle course before. My 10 and 12 years old kids were totally occupied from start to finish and we truly had a great time. The staff was so welcoming, courteous, and helpful...answering our many questions, assisting newbies with the harness and giving climbing tips. The owner's father was walking around and checking on us periodically to see if we needed any assistance. We stopped at the nice and clean snack shop on our way out. Lots of snack options at very reasonable prices! My kids were sad because we had to fly home the next morning and they wanted to go back for more ADVENTURE fun.

-Deng Lothi Sabelka

We went today and had a Fantastic time! My girls are 6 and 9 and loved it. And I cannot say enough great things about the staff! Staff was attentive and encouraging, fun-loving. Just a great bunch. My 6 yr old was very sad about not being able to do the Ninja course (you have to be 7), as that was the one thing she was looking forward to. She's not previously been as big a fan of climbing as the older one. I thought I was going to have to take her home.

A staff member came over and was able to cajole her out of her sad move and convince her to try climbing. And not in an over-bearing or pushy way. Just in a completely friendly and encouraging way and it was great. Soon he had her climbing all kinds of things! She had a blast and was so proud of herself <3 And you could tell the staff were happy to help her achieve that. They really are fantastic. I cannot say enough great things the staff and how impressed I was with them.

-Janet Margaret

My whole family had a great time, hubby and our older boys(ages 3, 6, 8) were all challenged by various walls in the Crazy Climb area. My toddler and I had had fun watching(maybe a Baby Boulder area sometime in the future for the under 3 crowd?-*hint-hint*), taking pictures and cheering them on. I love that several of the walls are interactive as you climb. Buttons light up an easy, intermediate, or hard path to follow, while other buttons spaced up the wall act as incentive and encouragement to keep climbing, they're also great achievements even if you don't make it all the way to the top.

Staff was friendly, involved, and encouraging to the kids(and adults)! Can't wait for memberships to roll out, we will definitely be getting one and using it to the fullest!

-Heather Schweich

We thought we would drop in for an hour to check this new place out late Saturday afternoon. Well...I think we closed the place! My boyfriend and I and 2 teenagers. The place is so much fun and you get a great workout as well. Staff was amazing, very friendly and extremely helpful. We definitely will be back. I am hoping there will be a membership option that will include all areas. A gym and escape rooms are coming in the future. I can't wait to see all of your amazing ideas come to fruition.

-Kathy Brown