3 Top Tips for Climbers: Hand and Skin Care

1. Use the Right Chalk

Deciding whether your chalk is the RIGHT chalk isn’t as easy as it may sound. The quality of your chalk can determine a lot about the health of your hands and skin (which we all know are vital for climbing). It is important to use a chalk that doesn’t have any drying agents or impurities. Using a high quality chalk will not only keep your skin healthy, but will also keep them from drying out or cracking.



2. File your Skin

As you progress into climbing it is necessary to develop strong and healthy calluses on your hands and fingers. Little do most people know, you must maintain these calluses. It is important to keep them flat and smooth. If you climb with rough calluses you are likely to fray and rip them. To prevent harm, you should always file down any extra or fraying skin. This can be done before and after climbing.



3. Invest in Moisturizer

It is always advisable to moisturize after a day of climbing. Lotions designed specially for rock climbers are packed with essential herbs and soothing oils to help keep your hands from drying out and cracking. Apply lotion before bed to achieve maximum results. We wouldn’t advise using lotion before you climb!!

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