Best Bouldering Tips for Beginners

1. Think Before You Act

Climbing is so much more than upper body strength, core strength and balance. It is also vital to learn to be tactical in your approach, meaning you must map out and analyze your project before climbing it. Try visualizing each hold and which path might be the most efficient. This is a great skill for beginners to learn.




2. Quads Over Biceps

When climbing, you are usually, but not always, going up. The most effective way to do that is to use your legs to push you upward. Beginners tend to reach too far for holds and use more of their upper body. The proper, and more efficient way, to climb is to lead with your feet in the direction you intend to go and then reach with your hand. This will lead to better climbing technique and you will save more energy…which you need a lot of in climbing.



3. Hang Smart

Speaking of energy, there is another technique beginners tend to misunderstand that could save them a ton of energy and strength. While performing a route try keep your arms straight in more of a hanging position rather than holding your arms at a 90 degree angle which puts a lot of strain on your biceps, triceps and shoulders. Keeping your arms straight will reduce muscle strain as well as make your climbing more fluent and effortless.

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